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Applied Science
(Laboratory Techniques)

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Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry produces a wide range of products and services, from research and development of new medicines to the manufacturing and marketing of these. Personnel with scientific knowledge and laboratory analytical skills are essential for this area.

Ireland is home to a large number of pharmaceutical companies, many of which are located locally within the Munster region. It is an exciting and rewarding sector to be involved in.

The main focus of this course will be to enhance your scientific knowledge and laboratory skills in a range of applied science fields. This one-year full time course has assisted the majority of our past graduates in progressing to third level courses in Universities and IT’s. It is also suitable for individuals who wish to enhance their chances of employment in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent, ideally a minimum of a pass in Mathematics at Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate.
  • For mature applicants experience will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications.
  • All applicants are interviewed, and places are awarded on suitability.


This is a full-time one-year course.


  • Student Services: €250
  • QQI exam fees: €50*
  • Materials: €100
  • Field Trip: €40
    Total: €440

Please note that only debit cards/visa/mastercard payments are acceptable for payment. The College cannot accept cash/cheque.

* Note: Students with medical cards are exempt from paying the QQI exam fee.


  • QQi Level 5 in Laboratory Techniques (5M3807).
  • Food Science (5M5267).


The following subjects may be offered:

Biology - 5N2746

Designed to develop an understanding of biology and an ability to perform practical tasks in biology.

Microbiology - 5N0737

Outlines the fundamentals of microbiology and basic microbiological skills used in a laboratory setting.

Chemistry - 5N2747

Designed to develop an understanding of the industrial and practical applications of chemistry.

Food Chemistry - 5N2748

Designed to develop an understanding of basic and analytical chemistry and the fundamentals of food chemistry.

Food Processing - 5N5245

Describes the processes used in the food industry to produce selected food products and explains the scientific principles underpinning these processes.

Laboratory Skills - 5N2751

Outlines basic laboratory techniques and safety measures important in an analytical laboratory.

Mathematics - 5N1833

Applies a broad range of mathematical skills and tools to a wide variety of contexts, with theoretical understanding.

Nutrition - 5N2006

The study of the nutritional composition of food and the effects of food and nutrition on an individual’s health and personal well being.

Communications - 5N0690

Equips students for presentations, report writing and interviews.

Work Experience - 5N1356

The purpose of this subject is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the workplace for a limited time, carrying out work-related tasks independently while under general direction.


For full details on progression opportunities see these links:

Students who study and complete this course are eligible to apply for many courses in the Science field within Irish Third Level Institutes. As this course is part of the “Links Scheme” for entry into third level colleges, students gain entry to these linked courses based on their QQI results rather than their Leaving Certificate results. Students who wish to use the links to further studies will need to achieve a certain level in their QQI award.

Some examples of these linked courses include:

University College Cork:

  • Biological and Chemical Sciences (CK402).
  • Nutritional Science (CK504).
  • Chemical Sciences (CK406).

MTU Cork:

  • Nutrition and Health Science (CR333).
  • Applied Biosciences (CR006).
  • Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (CR007).
  • Science Course (CR300).
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (CR325).
  • Analytical Chemistry with QA (CR340).
  • Home Economics and Business Teaching (MT930) – First 3 years in MTU and final 2 in UCC.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of Ireland’s largest employers and have a large potential for employment. Job opportunities for students who complete this course include: Laboratory assistants, Operators pharmaceutical industries.


Oran O’Mahony is off to study Science Education in UL after completing the Applied Biology course at Tramore Road Campus. This course was 541 points this year so remember if you didn’t get the course you hoped for in the CAO offers, there is an alternative route through FE QQI courses. Oran on his time in the college – “Thanks to all the staff and students for providing a perfect environment to learn in and grow as a person”.

Oran O'Mahony
Applied Science (Laboratory Techniques)

“Studying Applied Sciences – Laboratory Techniques was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I gained a better understanding of the topics I studied in Leaving Cert. and learned new topics which I found very interesting. I made new friends that helped me and tested my knowledge. These friends will continue to help me throughout my studies. The lecturers were extremely kind and were always available to help if needed. I am now studying Biological and Chemical sciences in UCC which I couldn’t have done without the staff of CSN. The extra year between secondary school and University was very important to me. I became more confident in myself and this year also reinforced the idea of what I want to do after college. I would highly recommend CSN. It was a great year and I will never forget it.”

Kyle Cullinane
Applied Science (Laboratory Techniques)


Yvonne Crowley, Course Director
Tel: (021) 2067 637