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Art 2 (Art)

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Art, Craft & Design


Apply to this course from Art 1 or the Art, Craft & Design/Portfolio Course QQI Level 5.

An integrated multi-disciplinary approach to painting, ceramics, textiles, digital photography, printmaking and mixed media allows students to develop their own personal creative skills and concepts with confidence. Practical workshops and classes are tailored to equip each student with the expertise to either continue in independent professional practice or to progress to third level.

Students are assigned a dedicated working space with the use of a wide range of materials and equipment. Access to a purpose-built painting studio, a fully equipped print and ceramics workshop ensure a professional environment for all students. Individual tutorials by an experienced team of professional art practitioners are ongoing throughout the course.


  • Applications are welcomed from students with a QQI Level 5-FETAC Level 5 Award or equivalents and a recent portfolio of artwork.
  • All applicants will be interviewed.


1 year fulltime.


  • Student Services: €250
  • QQI exam fees: €80*
  • Facilities / Class Materials: €120
    Total: €450

Please note that only debit cards/visa/mastercard payments are acceptable for payment. The College cannot accept cash/cheque.

* Note: Students with medical cards are exempt from paying the QQI exam fee.


  • QQI Level 6 in Advanced Certificate in Art (6M4029).


Students will be examined in 8 subject areas. The following subjects may be offered:

Drawing - 6N3569

Students are encouraged to develop their drawing skills as a personal language. Students will explore their own creativity and build concepts through research and sketchbook.

Painting - 6N3452

Students will engage with and explore all the elements involved in contemporary painting practice and apply them to the development of a personal body of work.

Creative Application Ceramics - 6N3445

This module promotes the development of manipulative skills and stimulates the growth of individual creative processes in the area of ceramics.

Printmaking - 6N3568

Printmaking students will have the opportunity to explore and develop their personal work through a variety of advanced printmaking techniques such as collagraph, screen print and mixed media.

Combined Materials - 6N3587

Students will explore a variety of surface and manipulation techniques such as encaustic, heat transfer, embossing, etc. Integration with other subjects is encouraged for final mixed media work.

History & Appreciation of Art & Design - 6N3450

The purpose of this module is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the purpose and unique contribution of the visual arts across a range of cultures and to use the language and concepts of art criticism in evaluating own and others work.

Work Experience - 6N1946

This module helps students to place themselves in a professional work environment. This gives them real hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Communications - 6N1950

This module helps the student to develop the necessary skills to represent themselves professionally in their arts practice. This is done through investigating and responding to the specific needs of the art industry.


For full details on progression opportunities see these links:

Excellent progressions opportunities including:

  • MTU Crawford BA (hons) Fine Art (CR220).
  • MTU Crawford BA (hons) Contemporary Applied Arts (ceramics, glass, textiles) (CR210).
  • MTU Crawford level 8 Special Purpose Award in Fine Art Textiles. (CR_ATEXT_8).
  • NCAD BA Textiles and Surface Design (AD101).
  • ATU BA Art and Design (GA270).
  • TUS First year Art and Design (LC110).
  • Thomastown Crafts Council certificate, CCoI ceramics and design skills course.


  • Progressive practice award for one level 6 Art student.
  • Cork Printmakers education Bursary Award for one level 6 Printmaking student.
  • All our teachers are practicing artists and designers.
  • Excellent proven progression rate to third level study.
  • Regular student exhibitions in our colege Gallery space.
  • Annual participation in the Lifelong Festival where students devise and deliver creative workshops as part of work experience.


Every year we are delighted to be able to award two student prizes, Printmaker of the Year and Cork Printmakers Student Bursary Award. This will be announced at our annual end of year exhibition in May.


This course will enable graduates to continue their career in their chosen area of expertise.


Rachel Percy

Art 2 (Art)

Lara Quinn

Art 2 (Art)

Aoife O’Shea

Art 2 (Art)

Brian Moynihan

Art 2 (Art)

Kate O'Shea

Kate O’Shea

“It’s amazing that 6 years on, everything that I do now started in CSN. After dropping out of Architecture studies in 2009 I was at a crossroads. I arrived in CSN in 2011. I was lucky to meet incredible teachers and inspiring artists at CSN while I studied Art and Design.

These teachers are the reason I went on to complete a BA in Printmaking at Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD). I went to CSN with no intention of going on to 3rd level but because of the support and encouragement I got in CSN, this inspired me to keep going. In 2016, I received a scholarship to do an MA by Research at Limerick School of Art and Design. I now have a diverse social practice which includes printmaking, sculpture, curating and publishing.”

Kim Roberts, Visual Artist

Kim Roberts, Visual Artist

Kim Roberts is a mixed media artist living and working on the shores of Cork Harbour. She collaborates with the sea to create artworks that reflect her maritime heritage, memories and personal history.

In 2016 she received an Honours degree in Fine Art from MTU Crawford College of Art & Design. She was the recipient of a number of awards and has exhibited in numerous venues in Cork city. Recently she held her first Solo Show in The Old Boathouse Currabinny. She currently shares her time between Cork Printmakers and her studio which is located near her home. In Cork Printmakers she utilises combinations of printmaking processes which result in painterly, mainly abstract works, while in her studio she experiments with the juxtaposition of found objects and mixed media to create paintings and sculptures.

She attended the college from 2009 to 2012.

“When I decided to attend this college in 2009 it had been many years since I had stepped into an educational environment so it was with some reluctance that I did. However, once there, I found myself immersed in a world of discovery, inspired and challenged by the tutors and my classmates to investigate new perspectives. This opened up my mind and creativity to new possibilities and processes. CSN became the incubator for my fledgling artistic skills, it will always be my creative home and I cherish and remember fondly the people who encouraged, lead and sometimes pushed me into this amazing creative journey that I am now following. The foundation stones they helped me to set down in my artist practice and process always give me sure footing in an ever-changing world.”


Debbie Godsell, Course Director
Tel: (021) 2067 645