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EcoFab – Digital fabrication
for the sustainable future

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The course is designed for students to acquire:

  • Hands-on skills using state-of-the art tools used industry.
  • Sustainable mindset to increase resource efficiency and meet Ireland’s Environmental Mangement Systems Standard (ISO 14001).
  • Holistic understanding of the blend between digital design, practical fabrication and environmental stewardship.

The course also offers students vital opportunities to network and engage with peers, instructors and industry professionals.

The course introduces learners to the world of digital design and fabrication, combining state-of-the-art tools such as laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC machining with a profound understanding of sustainable practices in the manufacturing process. Learners will gain hands-on experience with these tools while being ingrained with the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable design principles. The course blends both theoretical understanding and practical applications, ensuring a holistic grasp of modern fabrication techniques and their implications on the environment.


  • QQI Level 5 Design (5M1940).


  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent.
  • All applicants are interviewed and places are awarded on suitability.
  • Mature students without formal qualifications are most welcome to apply.

This is a one-year course.


  • Student Services: €250
  • QQI exam fees: €50*
  • Total: €300

Please note that only debit cards/visa/mastercard payments are acceptable for payment. The College cannot accept cash/cheque.

* Note: Students with medical cards are exempt from paying the QQI exam fee.


The following subjects may be offered:

Design Skills - 5N0784

Drawing - 5N1862

Work Experience - 5N1862

Problem Solving - 5N1615

Computer Aided Draughting - 5N1604

Art Woodwork - 5N1559

Materials and Finishes - 5N1456

Entrepreneurial Skills - 5N1951

Sustainability in the Workplace - 5N21794

Work placements may occur throughout the year to accumulate 60 hours in industry. One day per week is allowed in the timetable to facilitate this.

Relevant industry sectors might include: Printing and signage firms; upcycling, repair and repurposing enterprises; visual, architectural and product design companies; digital modelling in construction or engineering; set, exhibition and event production companies; craft and artisanal studios such as furniture and jewellery.


The combination of digital design, fabrication expertise, and a focus on sustainability offered by this course can lead to a wide range of career opportunities across various sectors that include:

  • Digital Fabrication Specialist: Work in industries like architecture or product design for rapid prototyping and model making.
  • Product Designer: Design environmentally friendly products using digital tools and sustainable materials.
  • Maker Space/Fab Lab Manager: Manage community or educational fabrication labs, ensuring safe and effective tool use.
  • CNC Operator/Technician: Work in industries such as woodworking or metalworking with CNC expertise.
  • 3D Printing Specialist: Specialize in 3D print design for sectors like medical, automotive, or consumer goods.
  • Laser Cutting Technician: Work in industries like engraving or fashion, utilizing laser cutting for various designs.
  • Furniture Designer: Design innovative, sustainable furniture using modern fabrication techniques.
  • Architectural Model Maker: Produce detailed, scaled models of architectural designs.
  • Educator/Trainer: Teach courses on digital design, fabrication tools, or sustainable design.
  • Freelance Designer/Maker: Offer bespoke design and fabrication services with a focus on sustainability. Start businesses focused on sustainable product design or digital fabrication services.


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