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Horticulture 1

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Horticulture is the industry that produces and maintains plants for human use. Successful horticulturalists understand the science of soil management and plant production. They combine their knowledge with their creative skills to develop products and services that people need and want. The horticulture industry is expanding, and it offers people a rewarding and exciting career in areas such as landscape design and maintenance, food production, and plant production for aesthetic and pharmaceutical use.

This course provides a broad-reaching education to those interested in a career in horticulture. Throughout the year students make several field trips to a range of horticultural businesses. Excellent facilities enable the practical application of coursework. There are five hectares of landscape on site including; nursery stock, fruit/ vegetable production, glasshouse, and natural/synthetic sports pitches.


  • Leaving Certificate, L.C.A. or equivalent, with some practical experience in horticulture desirable.
  • Mature students without formal qualifications are welcome to apply for places on this course.
  • All applicants are interviewed, and places are awarded on suitability.


One year full-time.


  • Student Services: €250
  • QQI exam fees: €50*
  • Field Trips: €45
  • College Jacket: €55
    Total: €400

Please note that only debit cards/visa/mastercard payments are acceptable for payment. The College cannot accept cash/cheque.

* Note: Students with medical cards are exempt from paying the QQI exam fee.


  • QQI Level 5 in Horticulture (5M2586).


The following subjects may be offered:

Plant Propagation - 5N2547

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence necessary for plant propagation.

Plant Protection - 5N2546

Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to protect horticultural plants and crops from the effects of weeds, pests, diseases and disorders and to select appropriate control measures.

Plant Science - 5N2528

Examines plant structure, plant processes, and growth & development in a horticultural context.

Plant Identification & Use - 5N2527

Covers identification of a wide range of horticultural plants, their characteristics, and their use in different horticultural situations.

Soil Science & Growing Media - 5N2530

Examines soils and growing media with regard to their utilisation in a horticultural context.

Fruit and Vegetable Production - 5N2552

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to produce a range of fruit and vegetable crops.

Garden Design - 5N2551

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to devise basic garden designs using the principles of design.

Communications - 5N0690

Covers verbal and non-verbal communication in relation to the horticultural industry.

Work Practice - 5N1433

Prepares the learner for work in the horticultural industry.


For full details on progression opportunities see these links:

Excellent progressions opportunities including:

  • Cork College of FET, Tramore Road Campus: Greenkeeping and Sports Turf Management (6M4330).
  • Cork College of FET, Tramore Road Campus: Landscape & Nursey Management (6M4234).
  • MTU: BSc Horticulture (CR011).
  • MTU: BSc Herbal Science (CR330).
  • SETU/Kildalton College: BSc Horticulture (WD096).
  • SETU/National Botanic Gardens: BSc Horticulture (WD097).
  • UCD: BAgrSc Hons Horticulture, Landscape and Sports Turf Management (DN272).
  • UCD: BSc Hons Landscape Architecture (DN120).


Career opportunities exist in Landscape Construction and Maintenance, Landscape Design, Garden Centre or Nursery Operations, Fruit and Vegetable Production.


For the duration of the course students are provided with the opportunity to work with a commercial enterprise for a minimum of one day per week. This work placement will take place under the supervision of a qualified Horticulturist. Students propagate plants at a commercial glasshouse throughout the year and organise a plant sale in May of each year.

Horticulture 1

One day at the Horticulture Course at Tramore Rd Campus Cork College of FET.


“For the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue Horticulture studies at Tramore Road Campus. This course stands out thanks to the teachers’ professional knowledge and the academic staff, who foster a supportive learning environment.

The field trips were the highlights, including visits to Blarney Castle Gardens, Fota Arboretum, Croke Park, The Apple Farm, National Botanical Gardens, Nangle & Niesen Nursery and Waterfall Farms. These allowed us to witness horticultural practices in action and gain insights into crop management and business opportunities. There is a very strong emphasis on work experience throughout the year, and we produced a bedding plant crop for our annual plant sale in May. I also grew fruit & vegetable crops outdoors and in glasshouses at the college.

I was lucky to participate in the Erasmus + SIVE project (Sustainability in Vocational Education), where teams from various countries exchanged best practices in promoting biodiversity and sustainable transportation. Our visit to Brakel, Germany, included exploring a medieval open-air museum, a bison sanctuary, and a regenerative farm. I am now pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Ecology & Environmental Biology at UCC and receiving a Uversity scholarship which will support my journey for the next four years. If you’re considering horticultural education, I highly recommend this program. It’s a rewarding pathway to a world of green opportunities.”

Amandine Lebrun
Horticulture 1


Daniel Crowley, Course Director
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