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Music, Management
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The Music, Management & Sound course has been supplying top quality professional performers and sound engineers to the music industry for almost thirty years. Students gain first-hand experience, training, information and advice on all aspects of music. The course focuses on practical musicianship, live performance, studio & live sound engineering, music law and songwriting along with marketing and promotion of music as a product. Students stage live shows throughout the year and these gigs offer the ideal opportunity to put new knowledge and skills into practice.

This course is also suitable for experienced musicians who wish to progress to Higher Education and includes preparation for auditions/ entrance exams.


  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent.
  • Successful candidates will be selected on the basis of aptitude/audition.


One year full-time.


  • Student Services: €250
  • QQI exam fees: €50*
  • Facilities / Class Materials: €50
  • Workshop & Guest Lecturers: €50
    Total: €400

Please note that only debit cards/visa/mastercard payments are acceptable for payment. The College cannot accept cash/cheque.

* Note: Students with medical cards are exempt from paying the QQI exam fee.


  • QQI Level 5 in Music (5M2011).


The following subjects may be offered:

Music Theory and Practice - 5N1849

This programme aims to equip the learner with knowledge, skill and competence in the area of practical musicianship.

Music Industry Studies - 5N1458

This programme aims to equip the learner with the knowledge and skills to work independently and/or under supervision in the music industry.

Music Performance - 5N1301

This programme aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to perform in a variety of musical contexts.

Sound Engineering and Production - 5N1900

This programme aims to provide the learner with the specialised skills, knowledge and competence to work in a professional audio production environment.

Event Production - 5N1374

This programme aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence .to organise and produce an event while working independently and with others within the context of the music industry.

Communications - 5N0690

This programme aims to help the learner to acquire communication skills relevant to personal development and participation in the music industry.

Work Experience - 5N1356

This programme aims to provide the learner with the personal knowledge, skills and capacity to participate in a suitable work placement under supervision for a limited time.

Word Processing - 5N1358

Word Processing will provide you with the necessary skills to use a word processing application to produce a variety of documents. This is a skill which is crucial to developing the professional standards and practices required for both further study and gaining employment.


For full details on progression opportunities see these links:

Excellent progressions opportunities including:

  • Cork College of FET, Tramore Road Campus: Music, Management and Sound II.
  • MTU: BA (Hons) in Popular Music (CR125 – CR129) (depending on principal instrument).
  • Music Degree courses in Ireland and abroad.
Music Course Graduate Profile Stories


    As we look back over the years, we are amazed at the levels of success attained by our graduates and by the sheer number of musicians and technicians who started their careers in CSN. A big music community or family seems to have been created here and, no matter what corner of the world these graduates are in, or what style of music they are involved in, they seemto be able to make connections with each other and in the greater music industry. An excerpt from singer-songwriter Niall Connolly’s blog last year drew our attention to this phenomenon.

    Niall was on tour in Germany and, while in Munich, ran into Paul Solecki:

    “Like many a graduate from Cork’s CSN Music, Management and Sound course, Paul is a doer. Commenting yesterday that he uses what he learned there every single day. I have to say I feel the same about the course. It taught me many things, primarily that a career in music is possible. Additionally, that if you want music to be your job, you have to be prepared to work at it.”

    We have had many notable successes over the years, from Sinéad Lohan, Mick Flannery and O Emperor through to members of Walking On Cars and Frank and Walters as well as traditional musicians such as Niamh Ni Charra, Leonard Barry and Pauline Scanlon.

    Equally, we are extremely proud of many of our unsung graduates who have been plying their trades at the highest level in various areas of the business, from management to sound, lighting and performance. These people are not always featured, nor do they seek the limelight, but they are essential elements in what is emerging as an organised music industry in Ireland.

    Over the coming months we will feature a cross-section of these graduates. Keep an eye on this page and the main news section for updates.

    It will be an opportunity for us to catch up with them and for CSN College to acknowledge the significant contribution these young professionals make to the music industry nationally and internationally.

    Music Graduate Profiles, so far:

    • Gavin Dunne “This is Ireland’s most successful indie musician and you’ve probably never heard of him” (Irish Examiner March 2nd 2015).
    • Ber Quinn is one of the most highly regarded sound engineers in the music industry, working with artists such as The Divine Comedy, Villagers and John Grant.
    • Niall Connolly “Niall Connolly is a folk icon. Among the most vibrant, poignant, and authentic indie folk artists in New York City” – No Depression.
    • Áine Whelan Professional vocalist.Singing teacher/lecturer at MTU Cork School of Music. New album due for release in 2017. Currently on tour with Colm Wilkinson (Music Theatre). Vocalist/Arranger with Swingabella, 1940’s inspired vocal trio and big band.
    • Jo Linehan This successful fashion stylist and style writer started out as a drummer in CSN.


    The college has 6 ProTools workstations and a fully-functioning recording studio on site with facilities that include digital editing, mixing and MIDI. Particular emphasis is placed on the assessment of the musicians’ live and technical performances as they progress throughout the year. The college has rehearsal spaces with full backline and P.A. system.


    Live performance, Sound engineering (studio and live), Management, Agency, Promotion, etc.


    Bill O’Brien - Music, Management and Sound 1

    “I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience during my time in Tramore Road Campus. From the earliest moments, it felt that there was a level of respect and consideration shared amongst staff and students, and this camaraderie is what makes the college so special, you are not just a number in Tramore Road Campus, you are a person that is central to the learning and development that each staff member strives to nurture.

    The Music, Management and Sound course gave me the knowledge and know how to be able to work in any role in the music industry, be that performing, managing and organising or sound engineering, and a multitude of other positions. The expectations and professionalism required to be successful in the music industry were instilled from the first day, and proved to be hugely beneficial in transitioning into the working world. The teaching methodologies, mentoring and facilitation of peer-learning gave ample opportunity for all types of learner to be engaged to the fullest in the material being taught. All this helped me to secure a job that would have been inaccessible to me this time last year, and I am very grateful for all that I learned in the course.

    Coming from an education background myself, I was naturally going to be scrutinising the tuition being provided, and I was delighted that all my teachers were experts in their fields, imparting with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise on the students every day. It is a testament to the nature and character of the college that these specialists choose to remain at the heart of the college and all it endeavours to do.
    I am proud to say that I am an alumnus of such a professional and highly respected course, and proud to have had the opportunity to become a member of the Tramore Road Campus family.”

    Bill O’Brien
    Music, Management & Sound 1


    Ronan O’Driscoll, Course Director
    Tel: (021) 2067 611