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“After the recession hit the architectural profession, I heard about the Furniture Design and Manufacture course that Coláiste Stiofán Naofa run and decided I would give it a go to see if I had any chance of realising my dream, while giving myself an alternative option career-wise! So I signed up for the 2 year course in 2010, and completed it in May 2012. I found it to be an excellent course, and was encouraged by my mentor to explore new techniques while being discouraged from taking the safe option. I had full access to all the materials, tools and machinery required to complete my projects, and the knowledge and expertise of the course mentors and directors was invaluable. The skills I have developed while doing this course have far exceeded my expectations. I see this as a new beginning and intend to put these new skills to good use.”

Padraig Hyde

“This course allowed me to participate in learning in a given period which was instrumental to my personal, professional and family needs. Returning to further education is new territory for many people and the course allowed me to take part in a form of learning, while simultaneously supporting the on going events in one’s family. I have personally benefited from the course at Stiofáin Naofa and it enabled me to proceed to third level education at UCC in which I am now a third year student Social Worker. Indeed the QQI Level 5-FETAC Level 5 provided me with a second chance of returning to education, given that I had left the education system prematurely in the late sixties.”

Helen Deasy Chapman

“I loved my time at CSN. If I could go back and do it again I would. I met a lot of different people who had gone through a lot of different courses in Digital Media and none of them were as comprehensive or as practically useful as this course. I thought the course was excellent with a great mix of software and theory that opens up a huge amount of options to everyone who graduates. I was very happy with what was taught to me.”

Kevin O’Shea

“Software Development acts as a great stepping stone if you are eager to work with computers. It gives a general feel of the IT industry so you can choose if it is something for you or not. The programming experience I acquired has helped me a lot more than I thought it would and I have settled into my gaming course quicker due to that.”

Meshal Marakkar

Computer Games Technology, University of the West of Scotland

“I started out in Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa where I completed Coach Education over a two year period. This certified me to progress to year two of Recreation and Leisure in CIT. I then achieved an Honours Business Studies Degree in CIT and a H-Dip in Marketing in NUIG before beginning my career as a full-time Soccer Facilitator. Coach Education in CSN provided me with a solid foundation, I gained a lot of confidence and hands on experience, and I felt I was more advanced and mature than other students in the CIT Sports course. The Business studies subjects I completed in CSN provided me with enough knowledge to eventually complete an Honours Degree. The lecturers in CSN were fantastic; they were extremely approachable and always had the student’s best interests at heart. If I had my time all over again, I would most definitely choose the CSN route.”

Eric Marah

FAI/CIT Soccer Facilitator

“The year I spent in CSN was one of the happiest in my life. The course in Culture and Heritage Studies helps students to express a sense of cultural awareness and pride that they may otherwise have been unable to do. The course provides an introduction to broad cultural themes and demonstrates excellent examples of living and local heritage. This is all done through the unique atmosphere that the course has developed which combines a sense of fun with the practical application of learning through the weekly fieldtrips. The course has grown in prestige since its creation, giving many of its students the catalyst to continue on with their education. The most important thing about this course is the project work which allows students to put their own personal mark on their award by specialising in a topic that interests them and teaches them the value of research and how rewarding this process can be.

The course is unique in that it creates a family atmosphere facilitated by a small class group and also by the teaching staff who are always there to lend a helping hand in their usual charismatic and energetic manner. This sense of support does not end after the exams at the end of the year students of this course will find that if they choose to continue on in their education there will always be a team of former students ready to help them in any way possible.

In my own experience I have received help from those that went before me and I have given assistance to those who have come after me, it is almost like an unofficial club. The course in Culture and Heritage Studies is a fantastic opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around you and its traditions and will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of any potential student’s life as it was for me and all those who have successfully completed this course.”

Shane Ryan

“In my opinion, Cultural and Heritage Studies is the most intriguing, engaging and social course of studies on this island! The course might better be described as a community of students, alumni and staff who are active cultural heritage enthusiasts. This Cultural and Heritage Studies community is the most welcoming, diverse, friendly and sociable course that I have experienced in my subsequent eight years of education.

Cultural and Heritage Studies gifted me the opportunity and prior subject knowledge to not only read for, but to excel in my studies culminating in my BA Degree in UCC. The Cultural and Heritage course is a tangible, well-rounded preparation for third level; it has direct application in the heritage sector and is also very self-enriching. Following my studies in CSN, I subsequently studied Archaeology with Classical Greek and Roman Civilisation and I have gone on to work in Archaeology, excavating in the Mediterranean and Ireland. CSN Cultural and Heritage Studies opened up avenues to develop personally and afforded me unique life experiences. The base which the course provided for me in archaeology amongst other disciplines, enabled me to live in four European countries while completing a Masters of the Arts in Archaeological Material Science.

I must testify to the unique and infectious positivism of the Cultural and Heritage Studies lecturers. The mentorship of these lecturers is consistent and continuous to the inspiration of present and past students helping them to achieve to the very fullness of their abilities.

Cultural and Heritage Studies is the best experience that I have had in education. So, if you want to enrich yourself with knowledge of your cultural roots; be mentally stimulated; and physically explore this island, all within a supportive course community – then you should take the opportunity at any stage in your life to study Cultural and Heritage Studies with CSN.”

Peter Gosnell

“Computer Systems and Networks is a great hands on course. The lecturers go beyond their duties to help the students and the facilities and equipment that you use to learn with are excellent. This course is a great stepping stone to a computer course at degree level. I have now moved on to a degree course in C.I.T where I use the skills acquired from my time in this course every day. I would highly recommend CSN as a college and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to work in the I.T sector.

Martin Murphy

BSc Information Technology Support, CIT

The course provided me with a practical overview of the diverse areas associated with the computer industry. I found the tutors very professional and supportive and made returning to full time education a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a practical introduction to this area and as a gateway to further study in the ICT sector.”

Paschal Baker

Electrical Engineer (Retired)

Having completed the Art 1 course at CSN I would like to thank my tutors, the administrative staff and the crèche staff at the college. This experience has been most positive both educationally and personally. It has introduced me to exciting facets of art that were new to me, I gained experience and confidence, learned new techniques and made good friends on the course. This has been an all-round positive experience.”

Deirdre Fitzgerald

“I chose to take the Art 2 course to extend my artistic and creative background. This course has exceeded my expectations in many directions which I would not have thought possible when I started out. It has been a truly rewarding experience.

The teachers are experts in their own fields and they have helped me enormously in developing my skills in the artistic domains of print, painting and photography. In addition to this I have also learnt more about the practical aspects of business in relation to the world of art: carrying out research, interviewing clients, applying for funding, establishing a studio, staging exhibitions and giving presentations were all part of the invaluable training I received.

I found the Art Appreciation Module really beneficial in my understanding of contemporary artists and this sustained me when carrying out research on artists who inspired and influenced my own work. Through this course I have gained huge confidence and self-belief. I am bursting with enthusiasm to put my new found skills and techniques into action and believe I am much better.”

Kim Roberts

“Before coming to Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa, I thought that a PLC course in Art, Craft and Design was simply another route into third level education; now I believe that it is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for anyone who has the chance to take it, and an essential part of my overall education. I highly recommend that anyone who either has a vague inclination towards art, or who is completely committed to completing a degree and/or making a career in the area take the course. During the year you will be able to discover if art is really for you, which area you would like to move towards, and have the chance to gain skills that will help to get you further beyond the course.

I also recommend Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa as each of the tutors has a great level of experience, passion and patience within their own areas, giving students the motivation and space they need to progress. I have found that anyone willing to make the most out of what the tutors have to offer has progressed incredibly well, and achieved things they didn’t know were possible by their own standards. This has been one of the most worthwhile years I have ever had, and I therefore urge anyone with the slightest interest in the arts to consider it.”

Shane Sims

“The course offered a broad programme of modules including subjects in which I would have had no previous experience, such as Ceramics, My interest in the arts is rooted in my childhood and led me to pursue a career as a professional Visual Artist and Lecturer. Having not studied Art as a secondary school subject, I applied to Colaiste Stiofain Naofa in order to produce a high-quality portfolio. The college’s excellent reputation was quickly proven.

Combined Materials, Sculpture and Graphic Design. This allowed me to explore new artistic techniques and processes within a professional and innovative studio environment.

An essential emphasis is placed upon traditional practices and the honing of one’s practical skills; with the activities of life and object drawing serving as a cornerstone of the course. This highlighting of the importance of mark-making and draughtsmanship was monumental in my own development as an Artist; as well as the dynamic interconnection between the traditional craftsmanship and digital media.

The most important aspect of my studies at CSN was the one-on-one interaction with my tutors whose invaluable daily critique and advice encouraged me to identify my strengths and weaknesses; and helped me to establish an informed and confident approach to Art from practical, historical, community and business perspectives.
I applied to Crawford College of Art & Design and Limerick School of Art and Design. Receiving offers for both colleges, I chose to study in LSAD and graduated in 2011 with my B.A (Hons) in Fine Art Painting.

Recently, I graduated from University College Cork with an M.A. in Modern & Contemporary Art History, Theory and Criticism. After the completion of my studies, I can offer testimony to this fantastic course of Art, Craft and Design. In 2007, it instilled in me an excitement and confidence to study art and to become a Visual Artist; and now in 2012, I still credit my accomplishments to my year studying at CSN.”

Sharon Hayes

“In 2005 I decided to go back to education and study the theory of what I had been practicing. Although I had never studied business before, I had managed businesses for 8 years prior to starting the course, so I was unsure how much I would gain from it.

I found it to be a great all-round business course, giving me a good foundation in Accounting, Marketing, Business Law and Administration. The teachers were all fantastic, very encouraging and enthusiastic. It gave me the confidence to take the plunge and open my own business and thankfully I haven’t looked back.”

Judy Howard

Proprietor of Market Lane Restaurant, The Castle Café in Blackrock Castle, Orso Kitchen and Bar and Elbow Lane Brewhouse.

“This course will provide an excellent platform to anyone whether you’re a mature student or school leaver entering the job market for the first time. Since doing this course I have gained employment with a global financial services firm which was my ultimate goal.

This course has improved my overall business knowledge, communication and customer service skills which is an integral part of my job as I deal with international clients day to day. The subjects offered are interesting, wide ranging and have provided me with a deeper understanding of the Irish legal system and business environment. I have always had an interest in law and business and this course enabled me to combine the two, and at the same time maximise my job prospects.

From the outset I had no intention of continuing my studies as I wanted to enter the workplace as soon as I completed my diploma, but If you do chose to continue your studies, it does give students a great platform to build upon, especially as law and business can be very complex.

Another great aspect of this course is that it enables students to gain valuable real life work experience for a few months during the year.

Returning to college at 27 as a mature student was a daunting prospect, but my fears were soon allayed when I learned roughly half the class were mature students and everybody supported each other which was great.

The tutors are attentive and are always willing to help out and offer advice regarding class work and assignments. This was my 2nd time attending CSN, I first attended in 2000 doing the Music Management and Sound course immediately after completing my leaving certificate.

In conclusion, you will get from this course what you put in, work hard, and hopefully it’ll be the first step to a long and successful career in whatever discipline you chose.”

Chris Foran

“My time in CSN was a tremendous experience. When I applied for Applied Biology- Food Health and Nutrition I did so with the goal of some day working within the food health industry which in the long run worked out to be a success.

I am currently working as an assistant manager for Here’s Health, a local Cork based health food store and without the background in nutrition that I received while studying in CSN, I would not have succeeded in getting my position here. The tutors and all staff that I met during my time there were all very friendly and more than helpful

I really enjoyed my time in CSN and would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in the field of science and nutrition.”

David O’Leary

“When I decided to go back to education my goal was to study Nutritional Sciences in UCC. I knew I would need to obtain a better grounding in science before I would be able to gain entrance to the course and succeed in it, so I enrolled in the Applied Biology, Food Health & Nutrition course in CSN.

My experience in CSN was amazing. The subjects were tough but there was no shortage of help or encouragement from the staff to help me succeed within the course.

There could be no better platform to help people on to third level education and set them up for what is required of them in third level. I am currently in my third year of Nutritional Science in UCC and that was made possible by CSN.”

Siobhan Reidy

“Journalism for the Digital Age at CSN is a fantastic starting point for anyone to break into the world of modern Journalism. I gained confidence in my own work, drive and the guidance I needed. The classes are very practical, and make use of your own skills and interests. Since completing the course I’ve had the thrill of getting a few articles published and began studying Radio Broadcasting. I’m largely involved with Cork City Community Radio as a newsreader and on-field reporter.”

Samantha Barry

“The year I spent studying the Media Production course was an extremely fulfilling one. After studying for four years in the vast expanse that is U.C.C., it was so refreshing to learn in a close-knit environment where the teachers know you on a first-name basis and speak to you about your work and progress on a one-on-one basis.

After my degree, which was quite diverse, I knew that in order to become a journalist I would need to hone my writing and gain specific journalistic skills. In this course you are exposed to each facet of the media spectrum and are therefore more informed of which area will suit you in the future. Each class is specific and necessary to form all the skills you need to flourish in the media industry.

The reason I chose the course initially was for their work placement programme. The college has excellent contacts in the media industry and there is an incredible selection of work placements. I did my work experience in the Evening Echo and now have the honour of writing a weekly page for the paper as I was offered a job following the completion of the work experience. I have no doubt that the media production course was instumental in this achievement. Without the support of the staff and the skills I gained through the various journalism classes my confidence would not have been at the level needed to secure a job.

In the space of a year I have gone from being a graduate without any journalistic skills to a freelance journalist. I would highly recommend this course as it can appeal to everyone from students who have just finished the leaving certificate, to graduates and mature students. It has opened a plethora of doors for me and I am extremely glad I chose the course.”

Kerrie Downey

After working for over thirty years in the private sector I was made redundant. I returned to college. My time at Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa was a revelation, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I don’t know why I didn’t return to college years ago. Its small classes and fantastic tutors made the course enjoyable. I would highly recommend Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa to anyone thinking of returning to further education.”

David Creedon